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Printing your critical, internal documents is no longer an efficient way to keep your team informed and your department running smoothly. We created DocLauncher to save you the hassle of maintaining your ever-changing information: policies, procedures, phone directories, schedules, orientation packets and so much more.

DocLauncher is one tool that simplifies all the tasks it takes to keep your documents up-to-date and your team informed. With DocLauncher your documents are always secure, searchable and mobile-optimized.

DocLauncher allows you to create documents, publish and instantly notify your team then track which documents are accessed the most. You can quickly and easily add new team members.

For your team, we created one place where they can read and search current company information on all of their devices.

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Who We Are

DocLauncher, a cross-platform CMS, is the creation of Plum Flower Software, a software development and consulting firm based in Franklin, Tenn. We first developed DocLauncher in collaboration with the Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program, then expanded the functionality to other industries. We’re passionate about helping people improve their work processes by creating tools like DocLauncher, which allows you to easily create mobile-optimized versions of internal documents and then securely distribute them to your users.

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