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Register for your free trial account and start using DocLauncher today! Your free trial account grants you full access to the features of the website. You can input content and add users. Your users will be able to login to the website to view content. Your team will not be able to log-in to the mobile app until you have activated your account.

When you’re ready, activate your account.

After your trial, you and your team will receive full access to your account, including all mobile features. To activate, go to your account dashboard and click the activate button. You will be prompted to enter payment information. If you prefer annual invoicing, please contact us

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When your content is ready and you’ve activated your account, your users will receive a welcome email with instructions for setting up their logins and downloading the app. Once each user has set their unique username and password, they will be able to log-in and access your content from their mobile devices.

Welcome to DocLauncher.

Once you add your documents and users, you can start deploying your content to your team, providing reliable, current access to critical information. All your users need is a wifi or cellular signal to receive updates. Information is downloaded and updated over an encrypted connection. Only your users will be able to access your content. Once downloaded, documents are available offline and the information is mobile-optimized and searchable.

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